Which Tattoo Artists You Should Go To, By City

Which Tattoo Artists You Should Go To, By City

Revolt Tattoos shop in Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall

These artists create the raddest ink.

Picking out a tattoo artist is a lot like picking out a significant other — there are a lot of factors that go into figuring out who the right person is for you. Not only do you have to think about the basic logistics — How much does it cost? How far away is it? Is the place clean, and more importantly, is it safe? — but you also have to find an artist whose style fits with what your aesthetic, and who’s willing to work together to give you exactly what you want. It needs to be someone who you feel comfortable with (this is YOUR body, after all) and who you know isn’t going to misspell your inspirational quote.

Filtering through reviews online can be an overwhelming process, so to make things easier, we’ve tracked down some of the most legit artists across the country. Now you can spend your pre-tattoo free time putting together an ink inspiration board on Pinterest, instead (and if you’re looking for a place to start, check out our roundup of rad tattoo ideas).

Las Vegas, NV

Revolt Tattoos is a Las Vegas institution, and was started by two former contestants on Ink Master. If you’re looking for something colorful and realistic, like the floral sleeve pictured above. the shop’s owner Joey “Hollywood” Hamilton is your guy. Co-owner Walter Frank and Revolt’s other seven artists offer artwork in a range of styles, from neo-traditional to geometric to minimalist.