Walter ‘Sausage’ Frank Talks About Season Finale Tattoo

Walter ‘Sausage’ Frank Talks About Season Finale Tattoo

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The battle for the title of “Ink Master” (and the $100,000 grand prize) is on! Only three contestants remain in Season 4 of Spike’s hit reality show, and on Tuesday, May 20, a winner will be named. International Business Times spoke with Walter “Sausage” Frank, one of the top 3 finalists, who dished about his hardest challenges, the 35-hour back piece, and his biggest competition going into the finale.

With 13 years of experience, Sausage had all eyes on him from the start of the show just based off his history. Known for his realism, portrait and black and gray work, he has tattooed alongside “Ink Master” Season 3 winner, Joey “Hollywood” Hamilton, at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas. Hollywood gave him advice before appearing on the show, telling him that he must be able to do anything that walks in the door – and that’s exactly how Sausage became one of five artists to earn his shop during the first “Ink Master” challenge. But unfortunately that also made him a target for his fellow competitors. Thanks to this season’s twist, challenge winners were granted the ability to assign human canvases, and that resulted in Sausage getting a couple of doozy’s along the way.

“It was definitely frustrating,” Sausage explained of having a bulls-eye on his back. “It was extremely hard to know I was the one they picked on. And as much as people try to tell you to take it as a compliment, you know, I’m fighting for my life on the show to win $100,000.”

One of the challenges that almost cost him his place in the top 3? The demon challenge in episode 8. Read more