Tattoo Las Vegas

Tattoo Las Vegas

Revolt Tattoos has taken Las Vegas by storm. Revolt Tattoos is based on a dream, many years in the making. The tattoo Las Vegas shop idea was seasoned and matured over the years, with the help of friends, peers and business partners. Winning Spike TVs Season 3 Inkmaster competition gave Joey the ability to make this Tattoo Las Vegas dream a reality. Revolt Tattoos has now created a first class team with the ability to take this concept to the next level. July 4th, 2014 is the day that Joey Hamilton decided to stage his own Revolt against the tattoo industry norms. In doing so, we will establish a world class Tattoo Las Vegas studio with customer service, customer value and elite artwork as its foundation.

Revolt Tattoos will have a full spectrum of tattoo needs Including high end tattoo art. Revolt Tattoos will destroy the norm and provide  a Tattoo Las Vegas experiences second to none. Come in and join the Revolt!  Revolt Tattoos has a high end facility featuring some of the latest tattooing technologies as well as live streaming tattooing that can be viewed online. Revolt features over 10 tattoo stations in view sight and also private as well. This Tattoo Las Vegas shop is one of the best places in Las Vegas to get the best tattooing experience possible.

Tattoo Las Vegas

Revolt Tattoos features the Ink Master talented Walter “Sausage” Frank was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. He worked as a tee shirt artist/screen printer for 11 years before moving to Anchorage, Alaska to broaden his career in art. Sausage started tattooing at Larry Allen’s Anchorage Tattoo Studio  in 1999. There he apprenticed and worked until he moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Sausage worked at Club Tattoo Las Vegas for almost 13 years! There he worked by the side of some tattoo greats! Terry “Wookie” Hoffman, Matt Geiogamah, Chris Garcia and Joey Hamilton.  Walter “Sausage” Frank has won many awards and trophies over the years. He has been in magazines, online articles and newspapers. This Tattoo Las Vegas artist is one of the best in the business.


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