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My name is Steve Rivas. I was born in El Salvador located in Central America, raised in North Las Vegas. I have 9 years of tattooing experience. Specialties include color animation, line work and black & gray. Favorite mediums are Graphite, color pencils, charcoal and tattooing of course . In 2012 I decided to start tattooing and I was offered an apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop on Las Vegas BLVD. It took me about 1 year to become a tattoo artist and another 5 years to refine the skill. But I guess I'm always refining and finding new techniques to hone in on my skills. That's why I love this craft! Being able to give someone a piece of art and sharing an experience not always knowing what season of life they are going through makes it all worth it. Bring me your Rad tattoo ideas and let's lay some Sweet ink!