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Fashion Show 

Krystof can be found in many places, whether it’s on the giving or receiving end of a tattoo machine, under the hood of a classic car, behind the mic fronting the band Gravethorn, or providing a lap for one of his cats just for starters, you can bet he’s enjoying life to the point where he’s burning the candle at both ends. A husband, father, grandfather, son, friend and brother from many other mothers, he started his tattoo career in his Native area of New England (Enfield CT to be exact- just south of his hometown If Springfield MA where tattooing was illegal at the time) in the mid 90s, at a time when JNCO jeans reigned supreme, Nirvana and No Doubt dominated the air waves, and MTV actually played music videos. Things have certainly changed since then, and the tattoo lifestyle is no exception. Always adapting with the times, you can bet Krystof has the experience to handle your needs.