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Josh Stono started his tattoo career right here in Las Vegas, NV circa 2004 and has honed his skills tattooing on the Las Vegas Strip for close to 13 years. Born and raised in central Ohio, he took a gamble, went all-in and flew out to Vegas with a one-way ticket and a small backpack full of clothing! That gamble paid off and has kept paying ever since. Josh is a fundamentally sound tattooer and as diverse as any tattooer in the industry today. His linework is as clean as they come! Smooth shading and top notch color saturation are commonplace in his tattoos. That being said, Josh is at his very best when drawing and tattooing American Traditional, NeoTradional, New School, Japanese and 100% Custom Lettering tattoo styles! Being a diverse tattoo artist is crucial in today’s tattoo world and Josh is proficient in all tattoo genres. Fine Line black and grey, Realism, Surrealism, Celtic, Tribal, BioMech, Floral, and Portraits. Whatever style of tattoo you are looking for, any client can be confident that Josh has you covered! Outside of tattooing, Josh is most happiest to spend quality time with his two young sons and raising them to be productive and compassionate human beings. He has a love of the outdoors. Traveling, fishing and hiking are his way of disconnecting and recharging from the fast life and grind of being a Sin City tattoo artist. Treating every person with honesty and respect is what you can expect when meeting this man. He does not believe in being ‘above’ any type of tattoo design and has a pet peeve for ‘tattoo snobs’. Josh understands that every persons journey and tastes are different. Big or small, Josh tattoos them all! Book your appointment with Josh Stono and you’re assured to go home with a tattoo that will hold up over time and have a lasting memory of a quality tattoo experience!