Danna Ornelas Revolt Tattoos Piercer
Danna Ornelas • Piercer
April 26, 2018
Schwab • Artist
June 4, 2018
Jenna Holtz, Revolt Tattoos


As a native of Las Vegas, Jenna became interested in fine arts at a young age and graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Visual Arts. Her study of art began with understanding the importance of observational realism, from which she then expanded to exploring other styles of art, especially once she began studying tattooing. She is constantly expanding her stylistic horizons when creating custom tattoos, and using her design sensibilities to bring her clients’ ideas to life. She especially enjoys tattoos with illustrative and neo-traditional influences. This being her first year of tattooing professionally after a year-long apprenticeship with Joey Hamilton and Walter “Sausage” Frank, Jenna’s primary focus is to bring all the artistic and technical skills she has learned from her mentors and masters to the table, and give her clients the best tattooing experience possible.