Everyone has an origins story, and mine is no different than most. When I was young I excelled in school but was always a little rebellious with my clothes and outer appearance. I wore tons of black, and lots of metal jewelry. For my 16th birthday I asked for a lip piercing, and because I was doing so well in school and was overall a well behaved kid, my family couldn’t really deny me the gift. After that initial piercing it had already become an addiction. I wanted more. I studied and educated myself on piercings and jewelry (at least I thought I was) and every year afterward I continued to ask for a new hole for the new year. Shortly after I turned 19, I was offered an apprenticeship with the shop I had frequented in Las Vegas. I dropped out of college, packed my bags and left Orange County to start my journey down a path I was passionate about. I apprenticed under Peter Barrios for 1 year and worked with and shadowed under Nick Costello for 3 years before I left to pursue my own path. Constantly willing to learn is something I take pride in. I believe there is always room for improvement and I want to absorb it all, and that mentality is what keeps my clients returning. I am always excited to pierce them, regardless of how little or extreme it might be. Come see me, and let’s poke that flesh!