Meadows Mall

Meet Chris, a 28-year-old tattooer originally from Gary, Indiana. His journey as a tattoo artist began 10 years ago in 2009 the day he graduated from High School. He started his apprenticeship at a shop in Northwest Indiana that was called “Still Crazy Tattoos.” Most known for being owned by Roy Boy Cooper who had his pet bear and tiger inside the shop. Over the first year Chris began to tattoo at a few different spots around neighboring cities, ultimately learning that teaching himself was his best route. 3 years later, he meets his true mentor, “Tony Reyes”, from Chicago and owner of a reputable shop in Indiana, ‘Blacklisted Tattoo Lounge.’ “Tony taught me so much about tattooing but the most important things he taught me weren’t even technical, more about the view of tattooing and how sacred the art-form is. He looked me in my eyes and said he would die for tattooing. Seeing that passion let me know that it is something amazing, and that what we do is special. It took Tony 8 years to tell me ‘Good Job’ on a tattoo That I made, he was hard on me on purpose instilling the drive and motivation in myself to try as hard as possible on every tattoo I get to do.”