Chris Gagnon • Artist


Fashion Show

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and always knew I wanted to be an artist someday. I never knew what that would look like until getting my first tattoo at 18, and I walked out of that little shop 20 years ago knowing that this was the right direction. I immediately started pouring all of my energy into learning how to tattoo and never looked back. There was no proper apprenticeship for me – just a willingness to learn what I could from everything and everyone around me and to always keep moving forward. There is no “ceiling” to hit in this process – the ways to grow and explore are endless as long as you have the passion for it. I’m a well-rounded artist and I love the challenge of finding the right style to suit my clients and their ideas. However, my personal preference definitely leans the most towards realism (both black and grey and color), and toward the softer look of fine lines or none at all. While I can certainly appreciate very bold styles and the skill they take, I prefer to rely more on tones and contrast to build the structure of a tattoo rather than heavy outlines unless they’re necessary. I moved from Buffalo to Las Vegas in 2012, and being around so many incredibly talented artists has continued to push me. I’m so excited to join the team here at Revolt – I can’t think of a better environment or group of artists to be surrounded and inspired by!